Kunming Base

Since its establishment in 2022, the Kunming base has been rooted in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, the world's largest production and export base for fresh flowers and ornamental plants. This base exports plants overseas and has successfully exported millions of pots of plants to date. Our products cover more than 60 countries and regions including Japan, Korea, Europe, America, and the Middle East, and are highly appreciated by consumers worldwide. The Kunming base specializes in various fields such as succulent, agave, cactus, conophytum, haworthia, and foliage plants, with a rich variety to meet the needs of different consumers. 

In a short period since its establishment, the Kunming base has quickly established a foothold in the market, winning wide recognition with its high-quality products and efficient services. Our remarkable development owes much to our professional team, advanced planting technology, and strict quality control. We will continue to strive to provide consumers with even higher quality products and services.

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