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Tuo Pu (Yunnan) International Trad Co., Ltd. was established in 2022, headquartered in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, the world's largest hub for the production and export of fresh flowers and ornamental plants. Since its establishment in 2022, the company has exported millions of pots of plants to over 60 countries and regions worldwide.

The company specializes in succulents like echeveria, aeonium, haworthia, agave, cactus, conophytum, lithops etc. Our products are exported to countries and regions including Japan, Korea, Europe, America, and the Middle East.

The company owns farms located in four different regions of China, namely Kunming City in Yunnan Province, Qingzhou City in Shandong Province, Zhangzhou City in Fujian Province, and Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province. Leveraging the vast geographical diversity and climate variations in China, we cultivate unique plants with distinct regional characteristics. Our total area spans over 20,000 square meters.

Our specialized greenhouse base is registered with the Chinese Customs and complies with global export standards. We strictly adhere to MPS management practices. All plants are grown in nursery beds located at a height of 60cm above the ground, with 16*16mm isolation nets to prevent bacteria and pests before shipping.

In October 2023, our company's overseas base, invested in and grandly opened, occupies 4000 square meters in Sanmu City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. It primarily engages in wholesale and distribution of imported plants. Local customers in Japan can visit directly for selection and negotiation.

We possess a high-reputation, top-quality product and service system, along with a competitive pricing structure. We sincerely look forward to establishing a stable and long-term strategic business partnership with you.

Our Advantages

Wholesale, Logistics, Value-added Services, and Distribution Integrated Service
Gathering Distinctive Plants and Flowers from Across China
A Trading Company-style Service Developing New Products and Markets

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Yiliu Street, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

TEL: 0411-81980004

Representative: Jason Zhou


Plant Exports (production, wholesale and export of plants)


China Base: 20,000 square meters

Japan Base: 4,000 square meters

Company profile


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